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Around august 2021 was the beginning of the journey. It all started with a striking opportunity to DJ at a small pub beside the Selhurst park stadium, which tends to be very busy on match days. 

As soon as, the DJ services, conversation struck we were already thinking of solutions, as to how we would be performance ready, within the space of a month. 

cliffto pubo_edited.png

The Clifton arms, 21 Clifton Rd, London SE25 6NJ

Within that month we were performance ready, with our own PA system. 


At first it seemed like a bit of a long shot,


Although it was a good opportunity and we knew with perseverance we was completely capable.

Since then, we have hosted; private parties, weddings, pub nights, club nights and public events.

If you have any questions please go to the contact page, thank you.

MERES,September 2021
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